2024 US Kids Golf New York State Invitational
The wait is over! The incredible young golfers and their caddies who shined at the 2024 US Kids Golf New York State Invitational are now captured in these photos! Don't miss this chance to own a piece of the action and celebrate your young golfer's achievements!
Here's how to access your player's photos:
- Find your day 1 tee time below.
- Click the link and enter your email address.
- Browse the gallery and look for photos of your young golfer in action!
- Fill your cart and complete your purchase! Each digital photo: $25.00
Important notes:
A watermark will appear on all photos in the proofing gallery. This watermark will disappear when you purchase the image and download the high resolution file(s). Once downloaded, you have full printing and posting rights for your photos!
The first half of the gallery shows photos without a tournament logo. The second half shows the same photos with a logo in the corner. Purchasing both versions counts as separate photos.
Have Questions? Feel free to contact Louisa Vilardi directly:
Phone: (201) 638-2376
In addition to these digital downloads, I am offering custom designed photo collages (see some samples below). Professional printing and framing are also available. Pricing for these begin at $250.00. If you are interested in speaking more about these designs for your young player, just reach out and we can get started!
Custom Samples:

Above is an example of a framed canvas print of a swing sequence.

Above is a digital example of a swing sequence without the state invitational logo.

Above is an example of a digital photo college.

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